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Basic Application Architecture

The DungeonPaper platform will be based on the proverbial client-server platform. The DungeonPaper Engine will act as the server; communicating directly with the central database of the instance. The DungeonPaper Client will utilize TCP ports available on the Engine to send and receive data in the form of serialized commands.

The Engine will be interfaced by the client similar to a command line interface, although the client will provide a Graphical User Interface over the end user portion of whole Engine CLI. A separate Engine Administrator will be created in order to administer the Engine fully.


Fig. 1-0: Basic Application Communication Architecture

Basic Application Architecture


Fig. 1-1: Basic Client Connection Process.


Handshake Phase 1: basic username and password to access the system.

Handshake Phase 2: Campaign and character authentication.

The ‘Heartbeat’ is essentially a pulse from the engine to the client requesting if there are any commands, which in turn triggers a response pulse from the client to the engine with either commands or a null command. Ergo letting the Engine know that the client is still connected.

If sequential heartbeats are missed and unanswered the engine closes the ports reserved for the client and the client must authenticate to the engine again.

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